The Reggie Jackson factor


When Sam Presti decided to trade away James Harden for a rental car (Kevin Martin), a concept car (Jeremy Lamb) and a pick that ended up being a foreign model (Steven Adams), it reeked of desperation. Presti wasn’t willing to wait and let Harden play out his final season with the Thunder because the pill of letting Harden walk away without receiving anything in return was too much for Presti to swallow, so he panicked. He picked the big man (Serge Ibaka) and traded the eighth or ninth best player in the league for twenty cents on the dollar.

It’s easy to crush Presti for this decision, but it’s also really easy to look over the decision to select Reggie Jackson with the 24th overall pick in the 2011 Draft. The odds of finding a solid contributor outside of the lottery aren’t very good; the odds of finding a player capable of replacing The Beard are astronomical. Continue reading

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What’s going on in Portland?

As Nicolas Batum fired up a desperation final shot to try and save a victory over the Golden State Warriors, Mo Williams stood with his arms out wondering why Batum didn’t look his way as he had a much cleaner look at the basket.

We’re all standing with our arms out Mo, wondering where the season that looked like a redemption year for everyone in the organization from Paul Allen down to the t-shirt cannon guy went. Continue reading

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The Resurrection of the Charlotte Bobcats Starring Al Jefferson


If you were to look at a list of the most intriguing stories of the 2013-14 NBA season, the resurrection of the Charlotte Bobcats would be somewhere between the reemergence of Isaiah Thomas in Sacramento and one of Dwight Howard’s farts. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Twitter handle of LeBron’s mask has more followers than the Bobcats’ official one.

If you look closer at what’s happening in North Carolina, you’ll see the seeds of an intriguing team being planted. Continue reading

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Why LeBron’s black mask needed to stay


The National Basketball Association struck gold when the Miami Heat hosted the New York Knicks on the first Thursday night after the Winter Olympics cycle completed its course.

Instead of a generic second half beatdown of the Knickerbockers by a rapidly improving Heat team, this nationally televised game pulled off an amazing amount of cross-medium activity between television and the Internet. Continue reading

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Will anyone remember the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend?

Do we have everyone’s attention now?

No, no you don’t.

Just like that the celebration of the NBA’s biggest names, brightest young stars and the culture of American professional basketball wrapped for another year. Much like this year’s incarnation of the dunk contest, the weekend ended before most casual sports fans had a chance to wrap their head around the fact that the NBA’s All-Star Weekend was occurring. Continue reading

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2013-14 NBA: The Importance of Paul George’s Dunk

As the Internet continues to establish itself as the next media medium in our culture, it’s important to remember moments in time that cause a stir in the endless sea of information. Paul George unleashed a ripple effect that not only caused the world of basketball to rejoice, but more importantly, gave the casual sports fan a moment. Continue reading

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2013-14 NFL: What do we make of the Eagles season?

Just 15 minutes after Andy Reid witnessed Andrew Luck and Ty Hilton connect for a 64 yard touchdown to complete the second biggest comeback in NFL postseason history, the Philadelphia Eagles began their quest to end the final bit of negativity from the old coaching regime in Philly.

The streak of playoff losses left by Reid during his final few years in the city of brotherly love. Continue reading

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