Who gave 110% on 4/26/12

I think last night can be summed up by what the guy sitting next to me at the bar said last night, “this is overload, I don’t know what to look at”. Indeed last night was a great night to be sitting in front of multiple TVs because even if you had a quick remote finger you were bound to miss something. It’s rare that the opening round of the NFL draft was overshadowed, but c’mon you can’t ignore two game sevens in the best postseason in sports.

Jerry Jones and the rest of the Cowboys war room gave 90% in moving up to draft Morris Claibourne.

The Dallas Cowboys should send a gift basket to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags desperately wanted to get out of the seventh spot and needed to grab another playmaker to take some of the offensive pressure off of Maurice Jones-Drew. When Jacksonville leaped over St.Louis and appeared to be targeting Justin Blackmon, the player whom the Rams have been rumored to be looking at since the regular season ended, Jerry Jones hopped on the phone and offered their second round pick to move up eight spots.

They wound up with a player that they didn’t interview at the combine, who also happens to be the best defensive player in the draft. The three NFC East teams that needed to get better did just that last night. I loved the Eagles move in climbing up to the 12 spot to draft Fletcher Cox (immediately after that a Giants fan at the bar yelled out Philly loves Cox, thank you sir for my 2012 fantasy football team name). The Skins ended up with the best player of the draft in my eyes, sooner than later the NFC East is going to go back to the top of the heap in terms of competition.

Henrik Lunqvist gave 100% in the third period as the Rangers moved on to the conference semifinals.  

Give a hand to the Senators. Ottawa gave the Rangers all they could possibly handle in game seven. There were multiple times throughout the game that the Rangers were stuck in their zone trying to just clear the puck, but to no avail. In the third period the Sens kept the puck in the zone for three straight minutes only to have Lunqvist turn away every opportunity.

This series reminded me of the Boston-Montreal first round series from last year. The Canadiens pushed the future champs to the limit. If the Rangers do end up going on and win the championship, everyone who dislikes the Rangers will point their finger at that series and say that the Sens had the best chance to take them out.

The Charlotte Bobcats gave 0% in setting the mark for the worst winning percentage in the history of the NBA.

I can’t believe this game was actually on TNT. I’m sure Michael Jordan had to love the television coverage because it gave Barkley, Shaq, “The Jet”, and The Elevator Ernie Johnson! an extra chance to mention that Jordan’s 95-96 Bulls had the best winning percentage of all time and the MJ owned Bobcats finished with the worst.

Charlotte has the best chance to land the ‘brow, but don’t be surprised if the Hornets or the Nets somehow walk away from the lottery with the first overall pick. It would be best for the league if Stern threw a couple extra balls with the Nets logo into the machine. The Charlotte Bobcats gave ZERO PERCENT!

Meanwhile The Elevator Ernie Johnson! gave 110% on the first dunk, 0% on the second, don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch the video below.

BONUS 0%! Whoever posed as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals while calling Mohamed Sanu gave 0%.

This is just bogus. A person called Sanu posing as a member of the Bengals and informed Sanu that Cincinnati would be selecting him with the 27th pick. His agent posted the information on twitter. The party exploded at the Sanu household, but the name Kevin Zeitler flashed on the screen next to the Bengals logo. Someone had pulled a prank on the standout Rutgers wide receiver. The person is obviously jealous that Sanu is this close to making it to the NFL. It’s just garbage and sick that people get a kick out of doing something like that to a kid on one of, if not the biggest night of his life. Whoever the assclown is gave ZERO PERCENT!

Adam Henrique gave 110% in scoring the series winning goal in double overtime of game seven.

In what was deemed the series watched by no one, the Devils defeated the Panthers in double overtime of game seven. I would have loved to have seen the person who came up with that phrase sit with my girlfriend (diehard Devils fan) and I (diehard Flyers fan, yes we’re separating for a week starting Sunday afternoon) as we watched the game at a local bar surrounded by Devils fans. Even as a Flyers fan I have to admit it was a great atmosphere to watch the game. People cheered loudly every time the puck was skated out of the zone and shouted an increasingly nervous “get it out of there!” as time ticked away in the first overtime.

My only wish is that the game would have went a couple more overtimes, but I’ll settle with the game ending in the second bonus period. The rookie Adam Henrique scored twice in game seven including the game winner:

Martin Brodeur stuffed 43 shots in the win and gets possibly one last chance to beat the hated Flyers in the playoffs. Bring em’ on!

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