Who gave 110% on 4/30/12

Whew, now that the NBA playoffs have begun to overlap the NHL it’s hard to keep up with everything. I picked a good game to not pay attention to last night (Kings-Blues). That was due to the monster doubleheader that TNT provided last night, how can you say no to Heat-Knicks and then Thunder-Mavs? You can’t! (though I will admit as the Heat game hit the 5 minute mark Rangers-Caps made its way onto my main TV).

Alexander Ovechkin gave 90% in scoring the game winning goal at Madison Square Garden

In what was an essential must win situation for Washington, their nine million dollar a year man stepped up and provided the eventual game winner halfway through the third period. Nicklas Backstrom won the face off and fed the puck to Ovechkin who provided some much needed magic. The Garden went from a rowdy sell out to a collective group of oooohhhhsss and ahhhssss. That’s a sign that at least seventy-five percent of the crowd said “Damnit! Why wasn’t anyone on Ovechkin!” while the other twenty-five percent were busy picking up the remnants from their head exploding.


Charles Barkley gave 100% in winning his first sports Emmy for best studio analyst.

Congratulations Chuck, you deserved this one. As much as I like Cris Collinsworth and the work that he does in the Sunday Night Football booth, Barkley is just as good analytically and more entertaining in the TNT Arena. The way that he sees the game of basketball and the NBA is just amazing. Take what he said last night about the Mavericks-Thunder series. He said “when you look at a matchup you have to think to yourself can a team beat the other team four times, to me there is no way the Mavericks can beat the Thunder four times”. He also talked about why the Thunder won’t win a championship this year which is something I’m going to get to later in the week, thanks for the column idea Charles!

Every time that Barkley appears on Dan Patrick or with Howard Eskin it’s a must listen for me. I’m very glad that the committee of voters got it right.

Bonus 100%! The TNT production team won a sports emmy for the NBA Forever promo.

I’m confident in saying that I will get a tear in my eye every time I watch this, simply amazing.


The glass box the enclosed the fire extinguisher gave 0% by severely cutting Amare Stoudemire’s left hand.

See what I did there? This is like when Kramer destroyed all of George Constanza’s computers in his apartment because serenity now didn’t work. I guess Amare didn’t have one of his rubber balls with him to squeeze after the game.

This just isn’t your normal rollercoaster of a season; this is a Kingda Ka type of a season. The Knicks have endured 23527 lineup changes, the two and a half weeks of Linsanity, Carmelo pouting and complaining so much that Mike D’Antoni slammed the exit door, the breaking down of Amare’s back, the emergence of a pissed off Carmelo who was finally happy to run his dictatorship on the floor, but now the season will be remembered for that glass box that STAT just couldn’t resist breaking. It’s not like the Knicks had a chance to beat the Heat. They could’ve stolen a game from the Heat if Amare had a throwback game, but he doesn’t get the ball enough to level out the scoring from Wade and Bosh.

After the game David Aldridge talked to Tyson Chandler, he expects Amare to miss game three and possibly another game of the series. It won’t matter though the Heat are going to bring out the brooms at MSG. Glass box you gave ZERO PERCENT!

Ryan Braun gave 110% in his first career three home run game last night at Petco Park.

I can’t believe it either, no I’m not talking about Braun hitting three home runs at the death star park of long bombs, I’m talking about the fact that baseball cracks the top spot with two sports in the middle of their playoff tournaments. Braun creamed the first two balls. The first was an opposite field shot to left center, which is one of the deepest parts of the park. The second was a blast to the third level of the Western Metal Supply co in left field. The third was a screamer to left field.

I put him at number one because he should have had four. He hit a bomb that was similar to the first home run except it just ran out of steam and dropped in just in front of the warning track for a double. In 25 of the other parks that would have been a home run, but the house of home run horrors just couldn’t let that happen. Ryan Braun you gave 110%!

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