Who gave 110% on 5/1/2012

Since three of the Philadelphia teams were on national television last night I decided to make today’s 110% column all Philadelphia related.

Ilya Bryzgalov gave 90% in the second period of game two.

The Flyers would have completed a Philadelphia sweep across the televisions at the local bar, but the Devils drug them to hell last night. Ilya Bryzgalov single handly almost kept the hand basket from falling to the worst place in the universe, but he could only hold on for just under a half hour. In the second period he turned aside 12 shots, got two standing ovations, and appeared to be the flying on a rocket ship of confidence.

That same rocket ship was brought back down to Earth in the third period, as the Devils relentless pressure finally was just too much for the Flyers goaltender to handle. It was an inevitable result based on the lack of pressure from the Flyers. This performance was just as bad and forgettable as the ten goal Penguins game, but teams need to get their ass kicked every now and then to gain some perspective on what they have to improve upon in order to win a series. I don’t expect this loss to linger in game three.

The Philadelphia Phillies gave 110% in beating the Atlanta Braves last night.

The Phillies won, that’s reason enough to give them the second spot in this column. In a devilish way I’m actually hoping that the Phillies struggle throughout the season just to see how many bandwagon fans are left if they don’t make the playoffs. I just don’t see how that can happen though if Cliff Lee can come back from his DL stint close to completely healthy. The future of the NL East (Nationals, Marlins) are still a year or two away from becoming a serious threat, though you could probably talk me into the Nationals making a run at the division or at least the wild card this season.

Evan Turner gave 0% in the first half of game two against the Chicago Bulls.

The only aspect of last night that was more frustrating than the Flyers last forty minutes was Evan Turner’s first half lack of production. It was incredibly frustrating to watch as the former second overall pick from Ohio State turned the ball over on what seemed like every other possession, stood around asking for the ball only to either stay in that spot flailing his arms like a kid swinging at a piñata when he didn’t get the ball, or promptly turn the ball over when he did. He missed open shots and was so bad that I thought for sure we were going to get a full size helping of Jodie Meeks in the second half. In the first half Evan Turner gave ZERO PERCENT!

Jrue Holiday and the rest of the 76ers gave 110% in the second half of game two against the Chicago Bulls.  

The sour first half made the second half that much sweeter (I have to admit the first half wasn’t that sour for the Sixers offense, they shot 52% from the floor but still trailed 55-47 at half). The key to Philadelphia’s second half dominance was the pace of play. The Sixers played the fast break style of basketball that they absolutely thrive on starting at the 9:12 mark of the third quarter. The Bulls were up 61-56 at that point before giving up 12 straight points, they never recovered.

As the Flyers faded in game two, the Sixers really grabbed my attention. I’m not saying that I’m giving up on the Flyers at all, but I loved watching the Sixers smell blood in the water and then attack to a point that even Jaws was jealous. I thought the Bulls were still going to win this series without Rose just because they’ve had to play without the reigning MVP for over a quarter of this season and still finished with the best record in the league. Now I have to rethink that scenario because if the Sixers can get another performance like this from Turner, Iguodala, Lou Williams, and especially Jrue Holiday (we may have just saw a young man put on his big boy pants in front of our eyes last night) the Bulls are in for more than they can handle. The Philadelphia 76ers gave 110%!

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