2013 NFL: Nat King Foles

Jack Kurzenknabe
Jack Kurzenknabe

With 5:38 left in the third quarter of the Eagles Sunday night romping of the Bears, the crowd in Philadelphia decided it was time to share their feelings about next week’s game, which I guess you could say it mildly important.

“We want Dallas.”

Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap

“We want Dallas.”

The unrelenting performance from the three facets of the Eagles in Sunday night’s 54-11 victory was equaled with confidence from a fan base that has waited quite a while to not only enjoy a big win at home, but actually move onto essentially a playoff game with positive energy. The last time the Eagles have rolled into a win or go home game with this type of (Bill Barnwell isn’t going to be happy about this) momentum was in 2008 after they rolled past the Cowboys 44-6 in a Week 17 win-and-you’re in game.

Hopefully Jerry Jones slipped Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray an early Christmas present after their touchdown on fourth and season. If Romo doesn’t buy enough time to find a somehow wide-open Murray for a game winning 10 yard touchdown, Jerry Jones’ countdown to destruction would be initiated.

Instead Jones was able to put the plastic case back over the giant red panic button for one more week.

Once again the Cowboys find themselves in a situation where they have to defeat a divisional opponent in Week 17 to reach the postseason tournament. Essentially, the Cowboys have played a playoff game in the last two years without actually reaching the playoffs and they’ve lost to the Giants and the Redskins. This year finishes the trifecta of quasi-playoff possibilities for Jerry’s team.

Next Sunday night is much more important for Dallas in terms of immediate impact on the overall organization. A loss to the Eagles in primetime would most likely mean the end of Jason Garrett, Monte Kiffin (which should happen even if the Cowboys make the playoffs) and possibly even Bill Callahan.

More importantly it may very well single the end of Jerry Jones as the GM of the Dallas Cowboys. How could he possibly continue to put out a product like this without making some significant changes?

For the third straight time the narrative of a win or go home game is going to be the defining moment of your season. The Eagles current coaching staff can survive a loss to the Cowboys. This season is already a success. Eagles’ fans should not forget this. The team is playing with house money right now.

The Eagles have not only survived the backup quarterback taking over for the starter scenario, but now face a much more interesting question. Is Nick Foles a franchise quarterback? Performances like Sunday night’s reiterate how much the Eagles’ offense has grown since Foles has taken over. Kelly has figured out how to use an “un-athletic” quarterback correctly in the offense. It obviously helps having the NFL’s leading rusher, but Foles’ 84% completion percentage against the Bears wasn’t a fluke. Foles may have danced around in the pocket a few too many times, but his overall decision making against Chicago was a microcosm of the offense since he’s taken over for Michael Vick.

The offensive line has been the unsung hero for the Eagles during their road to the final game of the regular season. The unit is giving Foles the opportunity to scan a defense and make the right decision. Kelly’s playcalling is slowing down the game for Nickfolian Dynamite. When he quickly scans the defense and gets the ball out quick, the result has been overwhelmingly positive for the Eagles’ offense.

The combination of Foles’ play outside of the Vikings’ game and the exposure of a blowout against a potential playoff team on Sunday night has given the Eagles quite a bit of positive media momentum, but let’s hope the media doesn’t take it too far this week.

Cris Collinsworth decided it was time to squeeze in a Nick Foles for MVP comment during the third quarter of the Eagles blowout win over the Bears. While Foles has been the breakout/most improved player in the league this season (the NFL should adopt this award a la the NBA), Peyton Manning was going to win the MVP award before his record setting day against the Texans. Please guys, no more discussion points on why Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, or Russell Wilson deserve to be voted the most valuable player in the league. We clearly know who will win the award at this point.

Rant over.

The rumors of a coaching turnover in Dallas, with a loss, will be one of the main storylines throughout the week, which if you’re a Cowboys fan has to feel like the effects of nova cane.


It’s Groundhog’s Day for the Cowboys. A never ending cycle of unnecessary drama, complete with a full helping of Romo “falling” apart in December, with a side of Dez walking off of the field. Topping off the meal is a nice desert of head scratching play calls with a game in hand.

Kudos to the Cowboys for surviving a divisional opponent on the road. Even a 3-11 team can show signs of life at times, but I wouldn’t expect the Eagles to look anything like the team that scored only three points to the Cowboys in Week 7.

Chip Kelly has to get the best of Monte Kiffin at least once in the NFL.

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